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MCWMDesigns was created by Michelle McCarty, Dominique Jones and Danielle Bradshaw in 2015 

Dominique has the talent for social media

Danielle reviews the product quality

Michelle is the behind the scenes Artist and photographer 

Our goal is to create a shopping experience that is not only personal but personalized to the customer. 

Our products are exclusive to zazzle.com and MCWMDesigns Customers.

Who are We

Featuring Product Designer and Artist Michelle McCarty

​Living Life and Walking My Own Path

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Artists Background

MCWMDesigns was created to bring products to the public from the comfort of their homes. MCWMDesigns is a product website that lets you be the creator of personalized gifts for your loved ones. We feature many of the Artist Michelle McCarty's designs that are available to you as well. Please visit our website by clicking on the button below, and let your creativity begin.

Michelle was published for her Poetry in 2003 and then again in 2004.

She worked for one of the major Grocery Chains while she studied Business Management and Criminal Justice online. 

   With her "never quit dreaming", attitude she created Alluring Designs Boutique in 2012, in order to build an at home business, that explored her love for jewelry design. 

In 2013 Michelle took a job with a Marketing Company for extra income. While still Curating  her web business. Her growth within the Marketing Company eventually became her main focus.  However Michelle found herself wanting more time with her family, wanting to create a financial future for her loved ones and doing something more with her love for Photography. She found zazzle.com and MCWMDesigns was born. With the help of her trusted friends Danielle and Dominique, she would begin the process of creating a business she could build and eventually help pave the way for those she holds close to her heart. MCWMDesigns was named for Michelle's brother Michael Chad Whaley who struggled with Depression and passed away in 2012. (Michael left behind a beautiful little boy who also shared the intial's MCW). Using the initials that they all shared Michelle decided this tribute would give life to the company and  its name. MCWMDesigns

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